2009 Team

BLAST BLUE |  Competing for SCL Division Selection

Head Coach & 2009 GM: Mark McGill 
Head Trainer: Mike Blakesley 

BLAST BLACK |  IRL Metro B / Metro A
Head Coach: James Madsen 
Interim Assistant Coach: Jack Terrill 
Head Coach: Kurt Stevens 
Assistant Coach: Nate Nelson 
NOTE: All 3 teams will be welcoming new player tryouts through JUNE 19, 2021. Please contact Mark McGill (marksjmcgill@gmail.com) if you are interested in participating in an open tryout. 
Blast White will begin as a “New Team” in the 2021-22 alignment, however, all of the players within the 2009 group are experienced, and compete at a MID to HIGH Metro B individual and team speed of play caliber and above.  
Players with a skill level varying from Premier, SCL Divison, IRL and skilled “Recreation” level are welcome to tryout for this 2009 group. These teams are full of character, and continue to rise… and ultimately we have a TON OF FUN  growing as a group. Looking forward to an outstanding 2021-22 Season… 
1.2.3. BLAST”