Juan Arce-Larreta

My name is Juan Arce-Larreta. I am so excited about getting back into head coaching. I have coached teams for years at a variety of levels and ages, from Premier2 to D2 and recreation and adult. Currently I serve as an assistant coach, I play in an adult league, and I referee youth and adult games. My approach to coaching is very much about what I think are fundamentals: movement off the ball, communication, working as a unit and connecting passes.  I will introduce concepts to the team that will lead them to possess and move forward at the right times offensively and to pressure and win the ball as a group defensively. I love working with kids individually on fundamentals and on anything from ball striking, footwork, defensive positioning, movement off the ball, goalkeeping, etc. I like to work closely with parents to make sure that my approach with each of these budding teenagers is best suited to get the most out of each boy. I don’t like to “joystick coach” and try to limit my sideline feedback and direction but will give pointed reminders and suggestions during games. Generally, the boys should already be aware through practices what the game plan is and what they should be implementing.
I understand what an anxious time this can prove to be in making such a big decision for your son and your family. Early on this team will be winning a lot of league games and scoring a lot of goals. During these lower level league games we will use the time to further develop and practice the concepts that will make this team strong at the higher levels. I will make sure they are challenged by arranging opportunities to play higher level competition. Your son’s soccer growth will be noticeable.